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Posted on December 6, 2013 by akashasylum


Autumnal Fox
Photographer: Vincent Pohl
MUA: Nadisha Welmillage
Model: Akasha Asylum

Within this great shoot we worked alongside Vincent Pohl of VMPhoto for a cosplaying shoot based around the mystical fantasy of the Fox. Vincent is a gentleman, a very well respected part of the photography society and industry with a ton of outstanding lingerie, glamour and fashion work under his belt so far. To work with him was wonderful, a real pleasure and treat for the team for sure. We look forward to more shoots with him in 2014.


PortraitX started off their day with Akasha Asylum and Nadisha Welmillage once again teaming up to do make up and modeling it took just under an hour to do a perfect looking piece of make up art upon Akasha. She looked stiffing.

Once they decided to set out into the open wide world of hustle and bustle. They noticed there were some train issues (as usual in London upon a Sunday) and they started to wonder just how late they may be. Cancellations, late train times, delays and of course a truck load of people waiting upon one platform was not really what PortraitX had ordered for this day!

35 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour 25 minutes passed and they were eventually seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  A train eventually turned up, Akasha and Nadisha packed on board this train to Euston station where they would be getting the underground toward our selected location for them.

Unfortunately, both of them were now over one hour late to the shoot, not only this but they did not have the time to spare to look for the location now. At the location itself there were endless pathways all leading around, up and down, winding dirt paths covered in fallen leaves from the Autumn. Time was passing by fast and the sign they came across when entering Holland Park had stated it was closing it’s gates at 4:30pm, meaning they have one hour 45 minutes to shoot something good. No pressure there!

Upon arrival at the doors of the desired location named Kyoto Gardens in the heart of Holland Park, there was very little space to move and right until the very end there were people walking around the area, right where we wanted to shoot. Main and biggest problem of working within public spaces is people getting in your shots and this happened often this day. People in the background walking dogs, showing their children the peacocks, tourists just standing to take images of the glorious waterfall. We waited for some time before getting started, now only with 40 minutes to actually shoot.

Eventually the herds of the general public started to fade and now we were getting stuck into the shoot. Lighting was an issue, in England in November, it is pitch black night at 4pm. Today it started to get dark around 3:30pm, the time we started working was dead on 3pm so the sun is now setting, there is barely any natural light. Vincent and his wife are setting up the flash and it was this harsh, blinding light just to get some kind of definition on the images of the background as well as the model. Honestly it is all a learning curve, the main one being, Do not try to go into Central London for something important on a Sunday.

Overall this was a highly tricky shoot day, there were a few real stunning shots and PortraitX wishes to thank Vincent Pohl and his Wife along with Nadisha for all the Photography, help and styling work on the shoot.

Looking forward to a bright future of shooting with you again soon Vincent.