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7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins


Melissa - Lust, Leanne - Envy, Serena - Sloth, Stefenie- Wrath, Karolina - Greed, Sarah - Gluttony, Lauren - Pride. 

Group 1: Melissa and Karolina 

Group 2: Sarah and Serena 

Group 3: Lauren and Leanne 

Group 4: Stefenie alone 


Vincent Pohl (will be doing fashion and portraits only) 

Gordon Burns (the conceptual work only) 

Joe Liu (scenes of models together only) 

Bartosz (fantasy/styled images for digital artsits only)  


Sam Beck 


Behind the Scenes: 

Marc Godfrey and Sam Beck - Creative Directing 

Matt Lehane - Videography of Behind the Scenes and Cinematic